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    ‘Stealthy look of a traditional bike yet features a downtube battery’


    ‘Impressive range of 100 miles on a single

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    'Slim and ultra-lightweight e-bike with next-gen technology’

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100-mile range thanks to regenerative braking

Teleport Ride’s record-setting range of 100 miles is 3X the range of similar eBikes thanks to regenerative braking.

Here’s how it works:

Regenerative braking recovers the bike’s kinetic energy when you brake, coast or pedal, and converts it to electricity, charging the battery. Essentially, your motor becomes a generator that recharges the battery as you ride. It’s the same new technology used in electric cars!


    • 36V Panasonic Battery
    • 100-Mile Range
    • Self-Charging Technology With Regenerative Braking
    • Gates Carbon Drive Belt
    • 750W Motor
    • Sine Wave Controller
    • Intuitive Torque Sensor
    • Puncture-Proof 700C x 38C Tires

    • 36V Off-Brand Battery
    • 20 to 40-Mile Range
    • No New Technology
    • Chain Drive
    • 350W Motor
    • Square Wave Controller
    • Cadence Sensor
    • 700C x 28C Tires
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    • Large 180 mm Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Italian Leather Saddle and Grips
    • Integrated OLED display
    • Slim, Next-Gen Design
    • Fully Certified Brand Name Components
    • Just 34 lbs With Smooth Handling
    • Durable, Powder-Coated Frame for Scratch Resistance

    • Mechanical Disk Brakes
    • Synthetic Material Saddle & Grips
    • Black & White Display
    • Clumsy Outdated Design
    • Cheap & Potentially Unsafe Components
    • Heavy & Hard to Maneuver
    • Liquid-Paint Coated Frame
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Stealth look with all eBike parts hidden in the frame

Teleport Ride’s aerodynamic design expertly hides the electronic parts, giving you the fastest and most stylish way of getting from A to B.

  • Full Electric Mode

    Zero effort required! Pull the throttle and she rides like a scooter!

  • 5-Level Pedal Assist

    Intuitively gives you extra power
    as you ride.

  • Pure Pedal Mode

    Pedals just like a regular bike.

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Top-of-the-Line Components

Crisp OLED


This beautiful screen is seamlessly integrated with the bike so you get all the stats without the drag.

The screen displays:

  • Speed
  • Battery level
  • Range
  • Distance traveled
  • Pedal assist level

Beastly Motor

Crush hills and feel the power with our 750W Rear Hub Engine with less noise, more efficiency, more torque and more power compared to other motors.

  • 80Nm torque
  • Silent
  • Zero maintenance

Super Smooth Drivetrain

We swapped the clunky chain drive to a Gates Carbon Belt Drive because there’s no grease, it’s lower weight, and has better durability and performance.

  • Quieter, smoother rides with
    no jerking
  • Single speed
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lower weight
  • More efficient

Innovative Sinewave Controller

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Insanely fast start and butter-smooth transitions from pedal to power
  • Not punchy like a square wave controller
  • Maximizes efficiency

Intuitive Torque

  • Mirrors the sensation of riding
    a regular bicycle
  • Intuitively adjusts power based
    on how hard you pedal
  • Maximizes efficiency and range




Once you hop on Teleport Ride, you’ll never want to hop off.

  • Italian leather saddle
  • Italian leather grips
  • Adjustable seatpost
  • Highly adjustable handlebars

No BS Brakes

Supersized 180mm front and rear hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro
with 180mm rotors on the front
and back.

  • Safer & more efficient than
    mechanical disc brakes
  • Maximum stopping power
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lower weight
  • More efficient

Puncture-Proof Tires

  • 700C x 38C tires from CST
  • Extreme durability
  • Excellent grip and handling
  • Thin and lightweight but 35%
    wider tires than bikes in its class



Supersized battery from Panasonic that’s securely hidden in the downtube. The charger plugs right into the frame so you don’t need to remove the battery to charge!

  • 4.5 hours to charge
  • Rated over 1000 charge cycles
  • Can easily be removed with a screwdriver

The Safest eBike on the Road

We meticulously designed Teleport Ride for maximum performance and safety.

• Regenerative Braking increases brake performance
• 180 mm Hydraulic Brakes increase stopping power
• Low Weight makes the bike easier to stop and control

Teleport Ride also complies with the highest safety standards in the business so you don’t have a doubt in your mind on the quality of your eBike.

• Complies with CPSC, CFR 16, Part 1512
• All part manufacturers have been tested for and received FCC, RoHS, CE and FCC certifications
• Panasonic battery is certified to the strictest fire safety standards, including UN38.3

No Maintenance. Just Pump the Tires!

  • Zero Maintenance Brushless Motor
  • Zero Maintenance Gates Carbon Belt Drive
  • Zero Maintenance Panasonic Battery
  • Standard bike components for easy servicing
  • 5 year warranty for frame, 1 year for electronics

Ride Into Your Future With Teleport Ride

We’re a family business made of passionate cyclists, techies, and designers who have poured our hearts and souls into creating an electric bike that’s not only powerful and sleek, but also practical and reliable.

With 100-mile range, regenerative braking, and a stealth design that hides ebike parts in a lightweight frame, Teleport Ride offers the ultimate electric bike experience that will take your daily ride to the next level.

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You have the freedom to customize Teleport Ride to fit your needs and preferences. Teleport Ride is available in 4 stunning colors. Different frame sizes are available that fit riders between 5'0 and 6'7. Choose between a long list of custom accessories.