About Us

Teleport Ride is designed with love in Edmonton, Alberta

We are a Canadian electric bike and lifestyle company. We created Teleport Ride because we believe riding the perfect ebike should feel like having a superpower, and we want to push the limits of technology. Our mission was to create an electric bike that looks drop dead-gorgeous - while having killer performance. An electric bike with no compromises and the best of everything.

An electric bike unlike anything ever made. The ultimate electric bike. 

In an industry where many companies unfortunately take shortcuts, by simply adding their logo to existing bikes and using subpar and potentially hazardous components, Teleport Ride stands out.

Teleport Ride is the result of 2 years of research and development. We are using innovative technology, components, and a low-weight design. Our team has carefully handpicked the best components, which are all certified for the strictest safety and regulatory standards.

We are a family business and passionate cyclists, techies, and designers. Teleport Ride is the first of many future models that will be released. Our mission is to make sleek ebikes with record setting performance, the best components available on the market, and that are fun to ride.

See you on the road!