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$3,799.00 USD
If Unsure, We Recommend You Select The Larger Size


$149.00 USD

Made of Lightweight Aluminum. Weight Limit: 85lbs. Comes Installed On Your Bike. 

$149.00 USD

Full Set of Front and Rear Fenders. Made of Aluminum for Premium Feel. Comes Installed On Your Bike.

$149.00 USD

Full Set of Front and Rear Lights. Powerfully Bright 600 Lumen Output.

$79.00 USD

700C x 38C.

$89.00 USD

Comfort Saddle With Extra Padding For Extra Comfort.

$39.00 USD

Made of Aluminum.

$199.00 USD

Upgrade to a 5 Year Warranty For The Frame and a 3 Year Warranty For All Electronics

$49.00 USD

Comes Installed On Your Bike. Made of Lightweight Aluminum. 

$149.00 USD

Charges Your Bike in 1h Instead of 4,5h.

$139.00 USD

Heavy Duty Lock and Drill Resistant. 80cm total length. Folds for Easy Transportation.

$479.00 USD

Extra 410 Wh Spare Battery.

$79.00 USD

Heavy Duty Cover. Protects Your Teleport Ride Against the Elements.

$139.00 USD

Handlebars That Curve Up and Forward.

$79.00 USD

One Charger is Included as Standard. Order a Second One. Charges Your Bike in 4h.

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Delivery is estimated for March ‐ April 2024. Teleport Ride is not available in stock. Supply is limited.

When you order Teleport Ride Today, your bike is custom made for you in our factory and shipped to you directly. We will keep you updated about the progress.
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